BMC Pre-School recognises that parents are a child’s most important educator and carer. We encourage parental partnership and involvement in every aspect of the child’s care and education. As parental needs and involvement is a key feature of our setting we promote the following:

  • Settling in visits to support the transition from the home environment to Pre-School.
  • Encourage new parents to stay until they feel comfortable that their child feels confident enough to be left or can contact us at anytime throughout the day to check on their child’s progress.
  • Give access to Pre-School policies and procedures.
  • Provide a parent information notice board with useful and up-to-date information.
  • Distribute a weekly newsletter.
  • Give parents the opportunity to meet with their child's Key Person to discuss their child's learning journey.
  • Welcome parents to get involved in accompanying us on outings and Pre-School events.
  • Verbal feedback between the staff and parents on their child each day.
  • Give assistance to parents who want information and advice.

Whilst your child is with us we actively encourgae you to be invloved with their journey with us. We have an open door policy at all times and every week a "weekly roundup and mind map" is sent out with all the goings on of that week to all parents and carers ....