Established in 1968, BMC Pre-school is at the very heart of Bramhall life. We are based in the centre of the village at Bramhall Methodist Church making us part of a thriving and welcoming community.

BMC Pre-School offers children from around 2 years 6 months (up to school age) a secure play environment in which they can learn and develop into happy, confident and capable children.

Our friendly, professional and passionate team believe that all children deserve the best possible start in life and we create an environment where we can build the foundations for all the children to reach their full potential.

BMC Pre-School provides the children with the opportunity and the tools to explore the world through their eyes in a fun yet safe way. We want to support their development, ensuring that they grow with each step that they take in life's fascinating and exciting adventure.

We are committed to supporting children to build their self-confidence and promote social interaction through the numerous activities that we offer and purposeful play opportunities.